dear diary,
of dreams i remember nothing, the sky is not the limit when the universe is ever expanding
my favorite colour is the rainbow, fire is dripping from the dry corners of your mouth
the sun is a raging waterfall, summer had almost arrived when we went under cover

i was in love with the saddest boy on earth, he said
for all the children lost, i will never stop crying
and where i came from they all spoke of salvation but no one ever made a move and the
boy who wouldn't stop crying didn't have a care in the world, he always started running
as i began begging for him to see me and where he walked not a single breaking wave,
his shadow turning against the tempest

we stole a boat and sailed through frozen forests, he said my blank eyes, they came
without pupils that is why i will never perceive anything as you do, feel anything you feel and if we ever have to stop, i shall pick you a flower, dry it up between worn out bedsheets like my sodomised virgin mother and your face will start to rot, falling off in thewy chunks, flesh slowly decaying,
baring bones like glaciers

the piercing song of a flightless bird,
its infinite sadness.

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  1. my goodness what you write and do is truly dark and beautiful. I'll be reading.
    sophia your new follower.
    woop woop, ahoi.