birdbath, blow a wish

dear diary,
imagine this: snakes slithering through thin air,
casually shooting poison from their fangs, you never prayed for the lives of others
or imagine stumbling down the street, drunk, numb, eyes on the bleeding pavement
the distant sounds of cars screeching by, your mouth full of disappointment,
a black cat transforming into a pumpkin.
or picture yourself floating around in a sea of fire, your body turning into wax,
your skin dripping, gradually becoming solid, a limousine with toned white windows.
some years later in a church nearby the village where we all grew up
a morning wake, the priest putting a flame to your mind, singing about glory
a fuzzy little animal clawing a cavity in your burning stomach, the sweetest of music.
kurt cobain blew his brains out, courtney love keeps digging his grave.
i wish you nothing but the best.

in a state of trance
swallow your pills and move along, my sullen blossom
how destruction fucked destiny and created something completely different
movies in made up languages are as close to reality i will ever get.


  1. i love how you curate all the dark gothic images. goes so well with your state of writing.