dear diary
why is it so daunting, walking amongst people who
can see you

1. i guess you could say that i have gone into hiding again, that i react
to emotions like a painting, noting nothing but colours.
2. the phone is constantly ringing, it is such vicious sound.
3. i like to think of myself as a wounded general in a hollywood tragedy,
trapped in a bunker with nuclear bombs hanging in thin air, clusters of perfectly
ripe grapes, a zeppelin lingering in the smoke screens above
4. blockbuster the sequel, for some foggy reason the underground is empty,
the bomb did not detonate, i will not ask were everybody has gone
their voices can be seen flying like meteors between the s p a c e s
5. admittedly, it is kind of thrilling knowing that soon this, whatever we take it for
will be hiroshima.
6. with a calm longing for that magical moment
i stand wrapped in velvet curtains, a feather boa and a cowboy hat
7. i have not been touched for decades and i think i might be carrying a gun
someone shouting a sequence of numbers.

everything began to count
we were born on that exact moment.


  1. Why is the follow thing not working? I want to follow this. Youre remarkable, I hope you know that.

  2. what i feel that i'm related to with your writing must be how i get to understand in opening up more with strangers than people who claim to know you. i wish i'd rather be unknown. but still hard to bear the anonymous feeling all the time. it's quite a mixed and conflicting feeling.