pale blue eyes, cry baby diamonds

dear diary,
let me present you with the short version of
recent happenings, once upon a dream:
welcome to the honeydew, madame dragonfly, the holy sacrifice of your royal highness
come here my unborn child, swallow my hips and f
ollow my rotting soul into the darker waters of
reptile nature. lingering in limbo, the shallow, vulgar and indulgent.
a thousand worlds built on the sleepwalking shoulders of my shotgun lovers,
malovent creatures with chests like diamonds, petals in the rain,
fair with hazy memories, mountain within mountain.

she is dancing in the middle of an empty classroom, sweeping over
demolished parchment with hands like forests, fawning chalk
kissing starving fingertips. the chamber maid with eyes like a serpent
pale wrists orbiting her deceitful head, gloomy hair lightly caressed by the breeze of solitude,
turning to me with sudden fire, exposing fangs dripping with venom, solemnly bidding her hand
wispily whispering

preludum ante massam and hannibal ante portas:
everything i have ever loved was lost and found in abandoned places
cracks in the structure, strikes of light through concrete walls
fundamental truths hidden in forgotten folklore, haunting dreams of ferocious valkyries

i am death, the river styx, the answer to every riddle:
"known by both masculine and feminine names,
and burns up without rain;
originates from a man and goes into a man,
no one has been able to catch it."
neurotoxin flowing over across the page of our past, seeping through thick slices of dust
he’s been half blind since the day it all began, the persistent sun scratching his retina like a broken record,
quivering under the faded persian rug covering the roof of his arabian mother.
skin like a feather, heart like a rock.

curvaceous lips, the undistinguishable shade of your iris,
my shadow carried in a diamond locket in the abyssal nape of your neck.
“i bought you these colourless roses you know how seeing past things can sometimes
make you
feel important i just want you to feel important"
you didn’t let yourself take time, you expanded in the sky until every limb transformed
into haphazard clusters of materia entire galaxies supernovas, since the day you left
i’ve been searching the stars for your voice, gazinh through the strongest of telescopes.

our cries mute and cold, dawning came crashing down upon us like
flying daggers, electrocution.