speed of light in a vacuum, in any given medium

dear diary,
outside my sphere of apache tears
pitch black thunder, a pack of wearwolves wailing to the drum of the glimmering downpour
binocular vision through damp leaves, her majesty of trees:
you. mathew, theo, isabel, the seductive breath of opium.
- but he was never inside of you?
- he has always been inside of me.
for you are the children of lingering nightmares
limerent desires and hummingbirds, missiles of destruction in a crystalline vase.

you, through endless simplification:
a monsoon without mercy, the plunging waterfall of yesterday
gipsy crystals, achromatic prisms, diamonds like eyes, eyes like fire
vive la décadence. yours truly,
candy darling, creamy summer bloom
a bending reflection, translucent.

how can you cure yourself when every part is infected

name the thing able to heal the hole torn by a loved one lost
he left her hanging by the snowflakes or
standing among
in a flock of sleeping flamingos, a myriad of indistinguishable faces. when i tell you
- my love equals beaks times the thought of freedom squared
you vapourise, turn into the ocean floor, the shattered walls of my castle in the sky
your sharpened hands
charging through secrets like lightning.