une fleur du mal

dear diary,
bleak blue silence crystals love without a beginning, without an end.

1. our days remain the same, identical sets of limbs, regardless of
how we twist or twirl them.
2. time is a ship and a fixed destination, you and i are nothing but pleasant interruptions,
psychic drivers on the open freeway, we are cheap tricks, we are popcorn and a drive in movie,
we are tiny specks of light on the giant silver screen.
3. and then there is the ether,
distilled beauty, pure white noise.

he wore taped up glued together black leather boots, hair in long greasy tassels
he put a spike in his vein, pumped himself full with heroin, rationalised any
irrational action by saying; the drugs cannot take a hold of me,
i have got nothing left to lose, what you see is not a fear of flight but flying itself
i am a painter of modern life, through daze, through storm, through thunder, lightning,
shooting past furiously charged clouds, riding my horse of liquid density
the ether: distilled beauty, white noise,
embracing the duality of human nature.

what gives a crystal its weight is its lead base, a frozen core of poison.
concrete floors, paper walls, hooker heals as the beat of a drum machine
the sound of someone practising the piano, children screaming
even in a place where no one is seen but heard,
we will find the ether.
definition, madame de l'amour:
existence is a explosion of colours oceans springing to bloom change is only a constant
all dreams are lucid every twitch caught on film a flick of an eyelid a nail scraping skin
trash devouring couture a snapshot of our matron wheeling about france in a solemn overture
wrapped in chanel and tin foil a peacock painted in shades of spite senseless in her innocence.



dear diary,
my tiny tempest.

ever increasing circles
we went too far this time, did we not
we went too far this time, did we not
we went too far this time, did we not
we went too far, baby,
we went too far.

if i were to describe her like a spectrum of colours
for her ignorance – ochra, late autumn, sweet honey wine
for her inevitable demise – something primary,
pommes d’amour, saturated scarlet
for her melodious voice, words sung in harmonies – such a luminous occurrence,
lucid hazy yellow milky azure cloudy diamond sapphire sea
and for her stoic face when loading a gun – tyrian violet, deep brushed velvet
a thin purple hue in between the lands of violence and indifference.

and it’s crystal dancing with skeletal boys, crystal dancing to infinity.


candy darling – the definition of wings, flying, weightlessness
chandelier - the sound of tall spires splitting against
badly worn limestone floors
impossibility - the purity of nothing, a void, delirium
mortality - the weight of the world resting on crooked marble shoulders
phosphoresce - not letting anything bother or interrupt, fireflies,
illuminating the dark, darkening the moonlight
road trip - a medieval game of endurance, master to marionette,
marionette to master
sirens - police cars, passion, silk stockings, icebergs,
the possibility of miniature flames escaping from a shotgun
tar - a most difficult type of stain, the clingy love of an infant,
unrequited, eternal, easily broken, easily destroyed.