leucanthemum vulgare

dear diary,
truth to be told
was a single promise
ever broken.

#1 and #2, in retrospect:
- are we slipping again
- pulling away
- with force
- you punch
- I glide
- where did we go last night
- don't you remember
- where did we go last night
- can you not recall
- did I pay for the taxi
- don't worry
- did I shout at you?
- you called me a prostitute, a tactless rascal
- how much was it
- a thief and a liar
- you, not the taxi
- your hands around my neck
- I'm sorry, I wasn't being untrue
- you were terrifying me
- did I sleep with that man
- only briefly
- did I leave you behind
- you still do
- did I run
- you came back
- I'm sorry, I never meant to be untrue
- you always come back
- I cannot see where I am going
- then stay
- will you blindfold me
- if you wish
- starlight?
- what do you want from me
- silence.

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