strawberry hill synergy service

dear diary,
what is left to say
when everything changes
nothing really does.

white speed in the fast lane
venomous dreams, a tainted lead zeppelin
walking home in the pouring rain, 
walking home through catharsis

- the things they say, absent minds that drink, eat me
- the steps they take (closer, closer)
- drink me, eat me, me, in a red wine dress (your second skin, watch me undo it)
- empty vessel,  i do not love you, empty vessel, loose your mind
- screws, you never tried to (unzipping, undressing)
- villains, all villains, trust no one, trust me
- trust the thief that stole the royal jewels, trust the crispy scent of morning dew
- trust no one, trust me
illuminations, a pigeon crushed, feathers like snow, the damp and pearly pavement
- open your eyes, breathe (and drum) my heart in a cage at five in the morning
- dented teeth and broken bones, let us smother in your grief
- flightless bird, let the windows swing open
- flightless bird, let the speed set you free

the internal noise, a primal hunger,
the foul smell of the river bank soft and wet,
the whirlwind, an honour
the blanket, a sacrifice,
the thief that stole it all, forever lost in blindsight.