aldehyde roses

dear diary,
welcome to the zoo of the unwanted and unhinged,
at the end of the day we are all circus animals,
precious princesses mold from gold
prim and proper, always doing whatever told.

we had everything planned in detail.
how we would ride through the line of fire,
dodging bullets,
how we would watch the sun descend over the hills,
melting into the ocean.

it took some time for the atmosphere to change
for the world to start leaking at the seams,
pouring out, pouring in.

the setting was perfect.
an explosion. sudden panic.
the roaring flames.

and so we ran.

we ran.
ran, ran, ran
away from it all,
from the balcony blues with clouds of smoke billowing around us
sweet and sticky, clinging to innocent layers of thin white cotton
passing clusters of vicious lolitas lingering on street corners, murderous infants
with heels drumming encrypted messages into the pavement

we ran, ran, ran
from the night cradled babies without a single care in the world
from the drugs, the mindless thugs
chasing stardust with the asylum doors
spread wide open

night cradled babies with touches frail like a moth's wings
hands sliding slipping lower flying failing falling higher
virdina green absinthe breaths
and a thousand infernos, burning deserters
rabbit hearts looping back and forth among reckless manifestations,
rats in our dingy kitchen, 
a silver knife lightly tracing the veins of my throat

we ran, ran, ran
from the night cradled babies
from the needless, the needles
the summer sons
spiking veins of
summer daughters

ran, ran, ran
with our fragile wings fluttering
casting long shadows
across bleeding asphalt, 
burning holes in the soles of your feet 
the asylum doors 
spread wide open.

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